AM1D-NZ: Low-cost 1 Watt DC-DC converters, with OT -40oC to + 85oC on SIP7 Package

Aimtec has just launched 9 new series of 1W and 2W DC-DC converters AM1D-NZ. 

These new converters have been completely redesigned to enhance performance and offer excellent economies of scale compared to the previous generation while maintaining the same footprint and SIP, DIP and SMD pinouts.

Some of the performance improvements include the following: 

1.    The new converters do not compromise the OCP (over current protection) vs. maximum capacitive load capabilities, thus eliminating the mutual constraints of the OCP, maximum capacitive load and start-up capability. The new converters have a maximum capacitive load of up to 2400uF.

2.    These new DC-DC enclosed solutions improve the light load and full load efficiencies when compared to the previous generation products. This is ideal for application environments like the RS485 or the CAN bus that typically have a light load, typically under 5mA.

3.    The new DC-DC converters are more reliable and have a higher MTBF. 

These new additions have Telecommunication, IoT, Portable Equipment and Industrial Applications:

Improved OCP, Maximum Capacitive Load & Start-up capability, light load & full load efficiencies, & higher MBTF.

To view datasheets, inventory availability changes, pricing and delivery, please click on desired part number below or contact
Product Availability Input/ Output Voltage (V) Output Power (W) Output current (A) Operating temperature (°C) Package type
AM1D-0505D-NZ No Stock 4.5~5.5 1 -0.1 -40/85 SIP7
AM1D-0505S-NZ In Stock 4.5~5.5 1 0.2 -40/85 SIP7
AM1D-0505SH30-NZ In Stock 4.5~5.5 1 0.2 -40/85 SIP7
AM1D-0509DH60-NZ No Stock 4.5~5.5 1 -0.055 -40/105 SIP7
AM1D-0512D-NZ No Stock 4.5~5.5 1 -0.042 -40/85 SIP7
AM1D-0515D-NZ No Stock 4.5~5.5 1 -0.035 -40/85 SIP7
AM1D-1212D-NZ No Stock 10.8~13.2 1 -0.042 -40/85 SIP7
AM1D-2412D-NZ No Stock 21.6~26.4 1 -0.042 -40/85 SIP7

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