Solar Modules for Energy-efficient Lanterns – Made of Glass

Solar Modules for Energy-efficient Lanterns – Made of Glass

There are nice lanterns made of glass. At daytime, these lanterns can be charged via an integrated solar module in their cover. If the sun shines bright enough, the collected energy lasts for almost a full night of light – thanks to energy saving LED lamps. In order to prevent a discharge of the battery or "supercap" capacitor via the dark solar cell, there must be a reverse polarity protection diode.

The SDB13HS  is a 1 A / 30 V Schottky in a small and slim PowerSOD-323 package. At 100 mA (typical current of such small solar cell), and 125°C junction temperature (operating temperature when diode is hot), its forward voltage is as low as 280 mV. As such, only a low amount of power is lost at this diode. During night, when LED should light as long as possible, but also in stand-by mode, the battery discharge must be reduced to a minimum.

The reverse leakage current of the SDB13HS at 5 V and 25°C is less than 40 µA, addressing exactly this requirement. 

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