5 Watt AC-DC with 90VAC ~ 528VAC Input Voltage Range for Industry 4.0 applications

To view complete specs, pricing, delivery & ordering information, please go to AMEOF5-BJZ

Aimtec announced the introduction of its new 5 Watt AC-DC AMEOF5-BJZ series designed for applications that require low standby power consumption and the ability to provide peak power working directly from 3-phase power: IoT smart controls (lighting, energy), smart process automation, and any other applications requiring two-wire connection from three-phase four-wire systems.

Main Features:


AMEOF5-BJZ series is the newest member of its Ultra-wide input voltage range 90-528VAC products, now comprising power series from 1 Watt to 20 Watts.  To view summary of all 90~528 VAC series, please go to "Simplifying 3-phase power line to 2-wire power supply connections"



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